This is Shirley’s EXACT recipe. She made this for us once and it’s a salad I crave at the most unusual moments.


  • Lettuce- dark, crispy (preferably romaine) combined with spinach or another lettuce for texture (I never buy iceberg)
  • Fresh lime- lemon doesn’t work as well as a substitute
  • Dried Spearmint- I’ve never tried fresh but it’d probably be great.(About  1/2 tsp.)
  • Olive oil­ Red Wine Vinegar-

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS: (using all of these may be overkill!)

  • Dijon mustard
  • Fresh Parsley- chopped
  • Green olives- sliced
  • Sesame seeds- toasted
  • Cilantro- chopped,(to  taste)
  • Red Onion- sliced
  • Tomato- cherry tomatoes- or larger tomatoes,  chopped
  • Cucumber- sliced
  • Avocado- cut into pieces
  • Mushrooms- sliced
  • Green pepper- sliced or diced
  • Red pepper- sliced or diced
  • Bacon Bits


  • 1st- Wash and dry the lettuce. Don’t tear it yet, put it back into the fridge (or do this last)
  • 2nd- Cut up chosen veggies (if using avocado, don’t cut it up until you’re ready to dress the salad)
  • 3rd- Add lettuce
  • 4th- Add the cilantro, the parsley, the green olives and the spearmint. (I usually rub the spearmint  in between my palms as I add it to the salad)
  • 5th- Squeeze the fresh lime juice and add the vinegar as you toss the salad.
  • 6th- If you’re not ready to eat the salad right away, refrigerate again. If you are ready…mix about 1 tsp. of mustard with the oil and blend it into the salad.
  • 7th- Add the sesame seeds, bacon bits and the avocado.
  • 8th- If any of this doesn’t make sense to you, do it your own way!”

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